In April 2004, Grove Christian Outreach Center was formed as a 501c3. You are invited into 2024 as we take time to celebrate all that has been done through the past two decades as well as look into the future. Celebrate with us, seeing how God has been faithful through many “toils and snares” and will continue to be faithful as we seek to show love and grace, and serve the Greater Williamsburg area through relationships and community.

Keep an eye out for more exciting announcements about our celebration events in April 2024, and for more “Stories from the Grove” throughout the year. Pray with us for God’s blessings on the work of our hands and feet to bring Good News and Grace to all of our neighbors.

And consider making a donation today to help us continue to serve well and to tell the stories of the Grove. Thank you for your support!

Join us throughout this year of our 20th anniversary, as we tell the stories of our neighbors and friends who have journeyed with Grove Christian Outreach Center for two decades. We honor and celebrate the many hands that have built this Center and this Community, as we continue to tell many more stories to come …

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